Feeding the Spirit

Rehearsals offer the opportunity to join together in community, express ourselves artistically, and to learn: not only about music and our voices, but about working together as a team. Rehearsals create a shared sense of responsibility and musical professionalism. At the end of each rehearsal and at each performance, all members receive a thank-you gift for their service. We seek to care for our singers in both body and spirit.

Music for a New Baltimore

At Voices Rise, we improve the daily lives of our members through music and education. We then offer our musical gifts in performance so that others may find solace, be inspired, or simply enjoy.

Through our performances, we educate our audience, demonstrating that all are able and worthy to make and enjoy music.

By demonstrating this human universal, we confirm our common humanity, and invite others not only to participate in music, but to widen the circle of compassion, seeking to more fully care for their fellow citizens in body and in spirit.